Using Facebook for Self Promotion


For most people everywhere Facebook has become the go-to website page for them to dispense information easily and quickly to the viewing audience. However, although you may be using Facebook are you using Facebook as effectively as possible? Are you aware that you can schedule a post many days in advance? Did you know that having your audience is being engaged is the number one way to continuously gain audience attention customers share and new jobs. It seems like an absolute no-brainer but in the construction world we get all too often way too busy to think about getting that next job or doing the activities that lead to the next job. By creating a schedule of post you alleviate the possibility of creating excuses for why you can’t do marketing. As simple as a post sounds or as simple as taking a quick couple of photos before and after it is imperative when you’re in construction to tell a visual story. Did you also know some of the other features that would be very important to essentially juicing or boosting your notoriety on Facebook? I’m sure you’re aware by now there are paid apps that allow you to sponsor your message to a local audience or for that matter and audience anywhere in the world. Considering not only posting an ad but your target audience and who you want to talk to you is very important. If you and learn more about how you create not only good copy for an ad that your customer respond to but also content that targets the specific area that you’re looking for right here to this blog and we would love to share more information about how to customize your Facebook app.

One other piece of marketing that is greatly underestimated is the need for an actual website. Although things like Facebook Twitter and Instagram are an absolute necessity to engage in nowadays it’s even as imperative to have an anchor that shows that you have an actual Authority and local presence. How is that determined? By having a website it anchors you to a specific location furthermore by being Google verified it allows for people in your local market to search for your goods or services in a way that’s much more optimized. If you want to be found one of the most important things is to consider your web presence. After having your website created you want to make sure that all of your Social icons are definitely turned on and tuned in. In the next blog I will discuss the importance of traffic that comes into Google+.